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Invaluable Advice

Many thanks indeed for your excellent help. Wouldn’t have had the confidence to make a decision without your advice!”

Anonymous purchaser of MGR V-8, August 2021

Excellent Service

“l have known Paul Myatt for many years both in business and socially. Paul has looked after my classic Triumph TR6 in an exemplary manner and I know I can always rely on him and his colleagues to give excellent service. Paul’s knowledge and experience of classic cars is almost encyclopaedic. I have no hesitation in recommending him not only as a trusted classic car expert but also a person whose integrity and reliability you can depend. “

J. R. Emms June 2021

Valuable Recommendation


“I engaged Paul to inspect two MGA twin cams that I was interested in buying. On each occasion, Paul was extremely prompt in travelling some distance to inspect the car. He provided a detailed oral and written report on the car with photographs and, importantly for me, a recommendation on whether the car was acceptable to buy. His fee to inspect and report on the car was most reasonable and I would have absolutely no hesitation in engaging Paul again.

Both of the dealers who were selling the cars told me that they were very impressed with Paul’s thoroughness and knowledge.”
–Don Mazzone, Australia

Trustworthy Classic Car Expertise

“Because I am impressed with Paul Myatt’s classic car expertise, I trust his judgement.  I got to know Paul well when he became the sole caretaker of our significant vintage car collection (shown below).  Having spent countless hours at race tracks with him, I can say I am impressed with his breadth of knowledge, skills, experience and enthusiasm.  He is a kind and considerate man; always willing to explain things in terms that can be easily understood.  His character and integrity are impeccable.  Do business with Paul and you will gain not only a business partner but also a friend.”

  • 1934     ERA R1A  (Raymond Mays personal racecar)
  • 1913     Bugatti Type 13 “8 valve” 2-seater (4th oldest surviving Bugatti, supplied new to St. Petersberg)
  • 1948     Talbot Lago, T 26 C Grand Prix
  • 1931     Maserati 26M (Whitney Straight)
  • 1938     Maserati 8CTF(Lucy O’Reilly Schell)
  • 1932     Miller FWD (1936 Indy 500 4th Pl Winner, Car # 36)
  • 1912     Mercer Raceabout (Model 35-C)BrendaPaul12
  • 1931     Bugatti Type 51 Grand Prix
  • 1956     Cooper Type 39 Mark II “Bobtail”
  • 1953     Allard J2R (Gen. Curtis LeMay)
  • 1951     Jim Robbins Special (Indy Race Car)
  • 1934     MG NA Special (BLL492)
  • 1934     MG K3
  • 1935     Miller Ford (#59 Grancore) Indy Car
  • 1958     Sadler Chevrolet MK III
  • 1960     Bocar Chevrolet XP-5
  • 1963     Sirocco BRM Formula 1 Race Car
  • 1999     TVR Griffith 500
  • 1996     TVR Cerbera 4.5
  • 1936     Diamond T pick-up Truck
  • 1941     Challenger Gran Prix car (Reg Parnell)
  • 1964     Cobra AC Shelby
  • 1953     Studebaker Starliner Commander Coupe
  • 1955     Cadillac (Model 62 Sedan)
  • 1968     Chevrolet Camaro Z-28
  • 1989     Westfield SE Hillclimb car

–Brenda B Benzar –USA/ Formerly England

Photo shows Paul with Brenda and her MG NA, formerly owned by Doreen Evans and prepared by the legendary Wilkie Wilkinson, Belle Vue Garages – Cincinnati, Ohio

Amazing Knowledge


“Paul Myatt is one of the most fascinating gentlemen I have ever met.  His knowledge of racers, sports and classic cars is amazing.  He and I have had some discussions concerning his race car, my hot rod, sports/race cars in general, and our mutual love of our Honda S2000’s.  His knowledge is broad.  He has done restorations for himself as well as professionally, so he knows the ins and outs of the subject including the restorer’s rule: “The project always takes twice as long as scheduled and costs twice as much as budgeted.”  Collaborating with this man is an absolute pleasure.”

–Steve Wolf, Auburn, California

Photo shows Steve in his 1965 Mustang, Auburn

Intuitive Expertise


“I was so lucky to meet Paul as his expertise and help has enabled me to race two historic cars at wonderful meetings at home and abroad including Goodwood (2007 and 2009) and Monaco (2008). It is unlikely that I would have even contemplated buying the 1953 ex Stirling Moss Cooper-Alta Special (pictured right at Goodwood 2007) if I couldn’t have called upon Paul to prepare and maintain it for me.

Sorting the problems as they occurred and developing a superb car to race – now producing the results it deserves – is due to his efforts.

As an example of the way he always looks out for me, at Dijon when he drove the Alta to the collecting area he thought he heard the faintest rumble from the engine and persuaded me not to race – a very hard decision. At home when the engine was examined he found a sheared flywheel. This undoubtedly saved the not only the engine, but also thousands of pounds and possibly my legs!


My other car, a 1955 sports racing Parson MG (pictured right at Goodwood in 2009) has required constant attention to numerous major problems (including the engine and suspension) but Paul’s methodical and innovative approach working through them has produced another reliable and competitive racing car.

I have been profoundly impressed with his analytical approach and can not thank him enough for his work in the garage and at the track where his support is indespensible. All in all he’s a good man to look after my cars and what’s more he’s good fun, good company and most importantly good value.”

–David Clewley, Shropshire, UK


Expert Diagnostician


“I am the proud owner of a family 1983 Jaguar XJ6 4.2, we call her “JJ”, which developed fuel problems, which proved difficult to diagnose by others.  Paul recommended he collect it to take a look. After a day or so Paul was on the ‘phone to say he could ‘fix’ it for me, I told him to go ahead. Not only did he ‘fix’ the problem, but he enhanced JJ’s running by also carrying out other minor jobs for me as well. A kinder, more understanding and passionate man for people’s ‘pride and joy’ you will be hard to find, his charges are very fair, and he makes your visit to his premises so interesting with a great cuppa!

Thank you Paul”

–Brian A. Lee, Birmingham, UK

Passion for Classic Cars

Bill_car 2

“Paul Myatt has cherished and restored my cars for many years and throughout this period, I have always been deeply impressed by his passion for classic cars, attention to detail  and his tremendous depth of knowledge. Paul is renowned in this field for his sound judgement, integrity and his unremitting quest for perfection. He is truly a most outstanding motor vehicle engineer whom I would heartily recommend without any reservation.”

–Dr W Warriner, Worcestershire UK