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If you are looking for an expert on classic cars, you are in the right place

Paul Myatt brings over forty years experience in the motor industry to his work as a classic car consultant.

Are You:

  • About to make a significant investment in a classic, vintage, historic race or specialist car? 
  • Not completely confident about all the nuances of provenance, authenticity, suitability, value, condition, market price, cost of restoration? 
  • Perhaps living far away from the car’s location (another continent even)? 

Carrying out due diligence is imperative when you are considering purchasing a car, whether it be an everyday car, or more importantly, when you are about to make a significant investment in a classic car, perhaps the car of your dreams.  In this scenario you will want to be guided by someone with independent advice, confident in their expertise, trusting their judgement, feeling reassured by their deep knowledge and wisdom.

    Paul  brings over forty years experience in the motor industry to his work as a classic car consultant.  He is a Fellow of the Institute of the Motor Industry (FIMI) and can help you with the following:

    • thorough inspection and assessment of a car you have sourced
    • sourcing hard-to-find vehicles
    • advising on vehicle condition, viability and cost of restoration
    • making recommendations as to appropriate model of car based on your desires, needs and budget
    • advice on modifications and upgrades

    Paul competing in his TVR Vixen at the M.A.C. Sprint, Curborough

    Paul’s focus and commitment is on providing advice with complete integrity and independence, working entirely on your behalf to ensure your concerns are taken care of in every respect.

    “I got to know Paul well when he became the sole caretaker of our significant vintage car collection.  Having spent countless hours at race tracks with him, I can say I am impressed with his breadth of knowledge, skills, experience and enthusiasm.  He is a kind and considerate man; always willing to explain things in terms that can be easily understood.  His character and integrity are impeccable.  Do business with Paul and you will gain not only a business partner but also a friend.”

    Brenda B Benzar –USA/ Formerly England

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